VAAVV 2015 Program


Michael Cho, PhD
VAAVV 2015 Organizing Director

A welcome reception and dinner will kick off the Vaccines Against Antigenically Variable Viruses Symposium, VAAVV 2015, on Thursday evening, November 5, 2015. Dr. Nancy Haigwood from Oregon Health Sciences University has graciously agreed to give our keynote address. The programming and activities will continue on Friday morning through Sunday noon, November 8, at the Gateway Hotel & Conference Center in Ames, Iowa – home of Iowa State University and the USDA National Centers for Animal Health. Due to the success of our inaugural symposium in 2014, we expect participation to double for this year’s VAAVV 2015 symposium.

VAAVV 2015 offers a diverse program with 25 featured guest speakers grouped into seven uniquely themed sessions—everyone in attendance shares the same experience. Concisely designed program sessions strategically align various top-notch speakers to increase understanding and suggest connections to some of the challenges that researchers encounter in this arena. Each session aims to increase understanding, identify connections, and inspire new opportunities in the rapidly changing environment of vaccinology research.

VAAVV 2015 promises to be a great opportunity to learn, grow, collaborate, and network with fellow researchers, students, and mentors. We invite you to join us.

The reality of gathering so many experts in one place is exciting. In addition to our themed sessions, this year we’re providing attendees even more opportunities to network and communicate during the symposium. Scientific specialty networking activities allow participants one-on-one time with fellow researchers and mentors in a comfortable, fun environment designed to facilitate conversation and collaboration. Poster and oral presentations provide our student and post-doctorate participants the opportunity to share their research with others in their field of study.

VAAVV 2015 provides a great opportunity to learn, collaborate and network with fellow researchers, students and mentors. We invite you to join us.

  • SESSION I: Antigenic Variation of Viruses
  • SESSION II: Immune Correlates of Protection
  • SESSION III: Insights from Bioinformatics and Computational/Systems Biology
  • SESSION IV: B Cell Immunity Issues for Vaccine Designs
  • SESSION V: Strategies to Enhance Immune Responses and Vaccine Efficacy
  • SESSION VI: Hot Topics/Late Breakers
  • SESSION VII: Insights from Structural Biology