VAAVV 2015 Symposium

Program &
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Vaccines Against Antigenically Variable Viruses, VAAVV 2015

VAAVV 2015 Agenda

  • SESSION I: Antigenic Variations in Viruses
  • SESSION II: Immune Correlates of Protection
  • SESSION III: Insights From BioInformatics and Computational/Systems Biology
  • SESSION IV: B Cell Immunity Issues for Vaccine Design
  • SESSION V: Strategies to Enhance Immune Responses and Vaccine Efficacy
  • SESSION VI: HOT Topics/Late Breakers
  • SESSION VII: Insights From Structural Biology

VAAVV 2015 – Vaccines Against Antigenically Variable Viruses

The Vaccines Against Antigenically Variable Viruses symposium, VAAVV 2015, is a not-for-profit symposium designed to bring scientists, researchers and students from human and veterinary medical research arenas together to explore advancements, ideas, and opportunities for innovative vaccines against antigenically variable viruses.

Antigenic variation is a roadblock to development of an effective vaccine against many human and animal viruses, such as HIV-1, influenza virus, and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. This symposium is built on an interdisciplinary approach that aims at fostering collaboration and broader application of recent discoveries. VAAVV 2015 participants will be provided with ample opportunities to interact with fellow investigators who bring expertise in the dynamic fields of virology, immunology, bioengineering, structural biology, as well as human and veterinary vaccinology during the symposium.

Due to the success of its inaugural symposium in 2014, this year’s VAAVV 2015 symposium expects to double its participation. Programming and activities run from Thursday evening, November 5, through Sunday noon, November 8, 2015 at the Gateway Hotel & Conference Center in Ames, Iowa – home of Iowa State University and the USDA National Centers for Animal Health.

VAAVV 2015 promises to be a great opportunity to learn, grow, collaborate, and network with fellow researchers, students, and mentors. We invite you to join us.